McCourt family hoping Stephanie makes it big in UK music scene


The daughter of a Dundalk man is hoping to make a big impression in UK music circles this spring when she releases her debut EP.

Stephanie with her dad Christopher McCourt

Stephanie with her dad Christopher McCourt

Stephanie McCourt, who last week signed with the Unstoppable Music Group, is the daughter of Christopher McCourt who moved to London in the 1980s but who still regularly returns home to Dundalk.

The McCourt family are well known in the town, with Stephanie’s grandfather Jim a lifelong Dundalk FC supporter, who is a popular figure in the area along with his wife Audrey (née Hande, originally from Cluan Enda).

Like her family, Stephanie has had a love of music from an early age and has quickly made her name as a talented soul singer with influences such as Aretha Franklin, Etta James, Tina Turner, Stevie Wonder, Christina Aguilera, Whitney Houston, Amy Winehouse and Adele, to name but a few.

Stephanie’s mum is from Zambia and she credits her Zambian and Irish roots to a diverse taste in music.

She insists though that it is form her dad that she inherited her melodic voice.

“A lot of people say I inherited my voice from my Dad. He is really into music. He’s a massive Elvis Presley fan and I remember having to go with him and my sister to these little obscure record shops to hunt for Elvis records.

Stephanie's grandfather, well known Dundalk supporter Jim McCourt

Stephanie’s grandfather, well known Dundalk supporter Jim McCourt

“He comes to all of my gigs and hassles me everyday about what I’m doing with my music. I’m really close to my dad we are like best friends… I’m that way with my mum too, she like a best friend as well.”

A graduate of Brighton Institute of Modern Music, Stephanie has been busy writing and recording in recent years and is hopeful of making a breakthrough with her debut EP, which will be released soon.

No doubt the McCourt clan and their many friends in Dundalk will be doing all they can to support Stephanie from this side of the Irish Sea.

You can listen to some of Stephanie’s tracks via her website at


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