Disposable income in Louth below the national average

00018679-314Residents of County Louth have below the national average when it comes to disposable income, according to new data from the Central Statistics Office (CSO).

The ‘CSO county incomes & regional GDP study – disposable income 2011’ found that the average person in the Wee County has disposable income of €18,095.

That was 13th in the list of the 27 local authority areas surveyed and just below the state average of €18,817.

Dubliners had the highest disposable income of €21,329, with Donegal residents having the lowest at €15,897.

The border area, which Louth is a part of, was found to be the poorest region in the country with typical disposable incomes 12.2% below the mean at €16,984.

Neighbouring Monaghan had the second lowest disposable income in the country at €16,261.

The CSO defines disposable income as primary income (which includes wages, self-employed earnings, rental income, net interest and dividends earned) plus social benefits and transfers less taxes and social insurance contributions.

Dublin, Kildare, Limerick and Cork were the only counties to have disposable incomes above the state average in 2011.

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