Keenan’s Dundalk track El Paso goes viral after performance in Maxi’s Taxi

Unless you’ve been living under a rock in recent weeks you will have seen, or at least heard, of the many videos that local taxi driver and avid Dundalk FC fan Mark ‘Maxi’ Kavanagh has been uploading.

Already well known in the area, Maxi has been making a name for himself in recent weeks for his hilarious videos, all captured while driving people around the town.

From Dundalk FC legends like Dermot Keely and Tom McNulty to some of the town’s best-known characters, there have been some memorable videos recorded in recent months.

However, a video uploaded last night has gone really viral after local singer/songwriter Dave Keenan performed his track ‘El Paso’ in the taxi.

Since then over 14,000 people have viewed the clip and it’s climbing.

The tune is certainly catchy and would no doubt sell well throughout Dundalk and beyond if released.

Unwittingly, Maxi may have given a young lad a real break. Well done sir, and as you’d say yourself Dave is destined for “greatness”.

Check out the clip above. If you like what you hear check out Maxi’s Facebook page for another song at 7pm.

Adams hits out at scaremongering as Irish Water confirm there is no pollution in Dundalk’s water supply

Gerry Adams

Gerry Adams

Irish Water have confirmed there is no pollution in Dundalk’s water supply.

The company confirmed to local TD Gerry Adams today that “daily testing has not identified any risk to the public water supplies to Dundalk.”

The reports will ease fears over the quality of water in our homes after a recent Sunday newspaper article claimed that the water supply was being contaminated by fuel launderers.

Commenting after receiving the letter from Irish Water today, Sinn Féin president Adams hit out at the Sunday Independent for sparking “unfounded fears” and also hit out at local politicians for heightening the fears of people in the area, saying it was “irresponsible”.

He said: “A recent Sunday Independent story sparked unfounded fears in the south Armagh and north Louth areas of serious pollution from a fuel laundering plant.

“Residents of the Dundalk area will be reassured by the confirmation from Uisce Éireann that there is no risk to their drinking water.

“The behaviour of some politicians, who deliberately heightened fears and ran scare stories of water having been poisoned, and who for purely electoral purposes sought to blame republicans and Sinn Féin, now stands exposed as irresponsible.

“Of course, none of this takes away from the fact that there are criminal elements who are exploiting the differential between agricultural and non-agricultural diesel to make money and are prepared to recklessly pollute our environment through the dumping of diesel sludge.

“Every effort must be made to ensure that they are arrested and are brought before the courts.

“I have submitted a detailed range of questions to the Minister for the Environment on this issue and have specifically asked if the government is planning to introduce legislation to end the differential in diesel thus removing the ability of the criminal gangs to make money.”

Deput Adams also praised Irish Water for carrying out the tests.

“I welcome Uisce Éireann’s diligence in deciding to carry out additional tests and to introduce other measures to protect our water system.

“However none of this can detract from the fact that baseless claims were made in the media about the water system being poisoned and the genuine fears of citizens were cynically exploited by some politicians whose only interest was in attacking Sinn Féin.”


Dundalk woman’s Zana’s new diet taking the health world by storm

Zana Morris

Zana Morris

A revolutionary new diet co-created by a Dundalk woman has been taking the health world by storm this month.

Zana Morris, who now lives in London,has co-written ‘The High Fat Diet: How to Lose 10lb in 14 Days’.

The book only went on sale just over a week ago but has proven a major success with Zana reporting that she has already been flooded with tweets from people who have lost weight on the high-fat, low-protein plan.

“It’s been a whirlwind,” Zana told The Irish Independent.

“We’re expecting about a 10lb weight loss if you follow the plan, but actually we’re getting people losing a lot more.

“I’ve been getting tweets constantly for the last few days saying, ‘I lost 11lbs’ or ‘I lost 14lbs’.

“The results have been astonishing, which is testament to people actually doing it properly because that was always my biggest concern.”

Zana, who runs The Library gym in London’s Notting Hill, first stumbled upon the idea of eating fat in a bid to lose weight almost 20 years ago, and has been using it to maintain her figure ever since.

“Initially, I went the vegetarian, low-fat direction in life,” says the personal trainer and nutritionist. “So when I discovered the high fat plan in my early twenties, it stunned me – not just from the fat-loss side of it, but also the way it stopped cravings.

2015-01-27_lif_6371808_I1“With every other diet I’d been on, you needed willpower, whereas with this you didn’t have cravings, your energy was really good and you felt full, which is sort of why I fell in love with it.”

Following on from the low-carb Atkins diet, the latest high-fat one depends on carefully calculated portions of fat and protein at each meal to force the body to burn its own blubber.

By sticking to the book’s ‘4-Day Pretox’ and ’10-Day Blitz’, Zana insists the fat should melt off: “Once you’re on the plan properly, quite literally the more fat you eat, the more your metabolism flares up and the more fat you burn – it’s like pouring oil onto a naked flame.

“Basically, it is a high-fat, low-medium protein plan that’s very low in carbohydrates, so red meat, fish, eggs, cheese and butter are all on it”

Zana wrote The High Fat Diet with award-winning British health journalist Helen Foster.

Despite its strictness, Zana is confident her Ireland will embrace the fat-filled diet just as she has done.

“I gave the very first copy of the book to my mother and she loves it,” she laughs. “It’s going to be weird to see it on bookshelves when I visit home next month.

“I do think it will go great in Ireland because the traditional diet is very fish and meat based.

“There’s no point asking anybody to give up something completely,” adds Zana. “Ultimately, it’s about dropping fat levels down and easing out of that carb dependency – and just going back to basics.”


  • Beef burgers (unless 100pc pure beef with no added wheat)
  • Processed sandwich-style meats, sausages, tinned meats
  • Breaded fish products or canned fish products with any kind of sauce
  • Beans and pulses
  • Low-fat cream cheese, milk and milk products like ice cream or any non-dairy alternative
  • Root vegetables: including celeriac, parsnips and potatoes, and vegetables that can caramelise such as onions or shallots
  • All nuts and seeds not mentioned in the other list: Brazil nuts, cashews, sunflower seeds, and so on.
  • All fruits except avocado
  • Drinks: Alcohol, fizzy drinks (including diet versions), fruit or vegetable juices, tea with milk, milky coffees.
  • Fresh coconut, margarine, low-fat spreads, vegetable oils, nut butters


  • Beef: mince (10pc fat or above), ribs (no sauce), steak, particularly rib-eye or sirloin
  • Pork: including bacon, particularly streaky bacon (no added sugar and ideally free from nitrates), gammon and pork chops
  • Poultry: chicken drumsticks (skin on), chicken thighs, chicken wings, duck
  • Oily fish: including fresh salmon, fresh tuna, tuna canned in oil and trout
  • Eggs: hen, duck or quail
  • Any full-fat cheese such Brie, Camembert and halloumi, or full-fat cream cheese like Philadelphia
  • Green leafy vegetables: including green lettuce, broccoli, savoy cabbage and spinach
  • Nuts and seeds: macadamia nuts, pine nuts, pumpkin seeds and walnuts
  • Drinks: black tea/coffee, tea/coffee with double cream, butter or coconut oil, herbal teas, still or sparkling water
  • Butter, cream, coconut oil, nut oils, olive oil

The High Fat Diet: How to Lose up to 10lbs in 14 Days by Zana Morris and Helen Foster, is out now

LGBT Helpline seeking volunteers in Dundalk


The LGBT Helpline are currently recruiting volunteers for their centre in Dundalk.

The LGBT Helpline supports lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people with anyone interested in helping asked to fill out an application form and email it to

The next round of volunteer training will commence in Dundalk in mid February.

Dates for Dundalk training will be confirmed next week but the training will consist of two full Saturdays and three evenings.

All applicants will be asked to attend for a short interview and volunteers must attend all training dates. The LGBT Helpline only takes volunteers who identify as LGBT.

Once trained, LGBT Helpline volunteers are required to contribute a minimum of five hours service per month for at least once year. If you would like to apply to become a volunteer with the LGBT Helpline email

You can call the LGBT Helpline on 1890 929 539.

Dundalk ghost estate set to be completed with homes now on sale from €183,000

An artist's impression of how The Towers will look from the Red Barns Road

An artist’s impression of how The Towers will look from the Red Barns Road

The new estate will be located on the site of the old Towers house

The new estate will be located on the site of the old Towers house

Plans are in place to complete a Dundalk ghost estate.

The Towers estate on the Point Road has been lying idle for a number of years but now Black and White Construction, headed up by local man Niall Wiseman are looking to complete the project.

Indeed, local estate agents DNG Duffy have begun to promote the new builds with enquiries now being taken for the homes, which are set to be located opposite the entrance to the Red Barns Road.

The energy efficient houses will offer uninterrupted views of the Mourne Mountains and 9ft high ceilings on the ground floor.

A four bed detached house in the estate is available at €295,000, a four bed semi is €230,000 while a three bed semi has a €183,000 asking price.

Further details are available on or by contact Keith Duffy of DNG Duffy at 042-9351011.

The Towers was previously a castle-like residence that was built by local businessman Thomas Craig around 100 years ago. In more recent years the Mackle family, who still reside locally on the Lower Point Road, had owned it.

The 3 bed semis in The Towers

The 3 bed semis in The Towers

The 4 bed semis in The Towers

The 4 bed semis in The Towers

The 4 bed detached homes in the Towers

The 4 bed detached homes in the Towers

The Contender returns to Dundalk next month


A fundraising white collar boxing event will be held in Oriel Active next month in aid of Dealgan Boxing Club and The Birches.

The Contender will take place from 8pm on Saturday February 21st with 16 action packed bouts planned.

Tickets are on sale now priced €25 for ringside seats or €20 for standard seats. For further details or to order tickets call 087 0528170 or 086 3748688. Alternatively get in touch with Dealgan Boxing Club or The Birches.

Brave Sara to host Dundalk event for Today FM’s Shave or Dye in aid of cancer

Sara Dooley will shave her hair on February 21st

Sara Dooley will shave her hair on February 21st

Today FM’s Shave or Dye is back and local woman Sara Dooley is hoping to raise funds for the Irish Cancer Society when she hosts an event in McGeough’s Bar in Roden Place on Saturday February 21st.

Sara, originally from Chapel Street but now living in Dromiskin, will be shaving all 20 inches of her voluminous dark hair off on the night out of solidarity to her sister, who was diagnosed with breast cancer last November.

The shave will get underway at 9pm, with admission €10 in aid of the Irish Cancer Society.

Commenting on the night, Sara said: “If someone asked me a year ago to cut my hair to my shoulders never mind shave my head it would have been a straight up no but now I want to shave my hair off, all 20 inches of it.

“The reason for my change of mind is that recently someone near and very dear to me has been diagnosed with cancer.  I could write pages on how cancer affects people, the patient and the people around them, but to sum it up it’s shit!  It’s completely shit!

“I want to do something to help, and so I have arrived at this.  I am going to shave my head to raise money for the Irish Cancer Society.  I will also be donating my pony tail to so please sponsor me and if you can, come along on the night.

You can donate to Sara’s collection by logging on to

Go ahead given for new housing estate on Mount Avenue

The proposed layout for the new estate

The proposed layout for the new estate

Conditional planning permission has been granted for a new housing development on Mount Avenue.

Urban Life have been given the go ahead by Louth County Council to construct 141 new homes at Farrandreg – subject to 41 conditions – despite the objections of 22 local residents, many of whom were concerned about the quality of the road and footpaths on an area known locally as ‘The Back of the Wall’

The new estate will include 24 four-bed detached houses, 64 four-bed semi-detached houses, 20 three-bed semi-detached houses, 18 three-bed terraced houses, 5 three-bed detached bungalows and 10 two-bed OAP houses.

Under the planning application, each dwelling would have an option for the installation of photovoltaic/solar panels on the front and/or rear roof slopes.

The development would also include a new access road and pedestrian entrance from Headford, Mount Avenue, landscaping and boundary treatment reconfiguration and realignment of the existing public water main, ESB substation and associated site development works.

Castlebellingham-based Urban Life was established in May last year with its directors listed as Peter Brennan and Laurence Peter Goodman, son of local millionaire Larry.

The location of the new estate in relation to other local developments

The location of the new estate in relation to other local developments

Kirk calls for multi-agency approach to tackle fuel smuggling

Fuel smuggling waste dumped at Stephenstown Pond yesterday morning. Picture by Fra Browne

Fuel smuggling waste dumped at Stephenstown Pond yesterday morning. Picture by Fra Browne

Local TD Seamus Kirk has called for a multi-agency approach involving authorities North and South to tackle fuel smuggling in the border counties.

Deputy Kirk was speaking about ongoing concerns around smuggling by criminal gangs and dumping of toxic materials affecting water quality in the region.

His concerns come after a further find of toxic diesel sludge in his native Knockbridge yesterday at Stephenstown Pond.

He said: “The issue of fuel smuggling remains a major concern for Louth and other border counties.  I have consistently called for the Government and State agencies to increase co-operation with authorities in the North and last week I sought the intervention of the Environmental Protection Agency following media reports that water for County Louth was being polluted by toxins harmful to the public.

“There are around 40,000 people living in Dundalk and they need assurances that their water supply is safe and hasn’t been compromised by toxins from criminal activity.

“I will be writing to the EPA and raising this matter in the Dáil with the Minister for Environment Alan Kelly.  Fuel smuggling remains a major problem in the border region and the Government and the Gardaí need to do more to shutdown illegal operations.  The fact that criminal elements are being left to producer fuel that can damage vehicles and now threaten the water supply to thousands of people is simply unacceptable.

“One measure the government should look at is to change the excise duty on agricultural diesel.  The simple fact of the matter is auto diesel is considerably more expensive than agricultural diesel.  If we’re in a position to take some of the incentive for smugglers we could significantly dent the market for this illegal activity. This would likely involve compensation for farmers but I believe this is something the Government should be open to looking at.

“A multi-agency approach that is cross-border in nature involving Revenue, the EPA, the Northern Ireland Environment Agency as well as local authorities in Louth, Monaghan, Cavan, and Newry is the best way to tackle this problem.  A lot of work is already being done but I believe more action is required particularly given the fact that concerns are now being expressed about the safety of water from this criminal activity.  Fuel smuggling has a huge impact on the economy, locally and nationally and it must be stamped out.”