652 marriages recorded in Co Louth last year

652 marriages recorded in Co Louth last year

There were 652 marriages recorded in Co Louth last year.

New figures from the CSO have revealed that 628 of these were opposite sex marriages, with 24 same sex marriages.

Of the opposite sex marriages more than half of these were Catholic.

In total there were 363 Catholic marriages in the county in 2016, which accounted for 57.8% of all marriages in Louth.

There were also 171 civil marriages, which accounted for a further 27.2% of the overall total.

Of the remaining 15% of marriages 34 were humanist ceremonies, 22 were spirtualist, nine were Church of Ireland and one was Presbyterian. A further 28 related to other religious denominations.

There were also a further 24 same sex marriages, 21 of which were civil marriages, with one apiece humanist, spirualist and in another religious denomination.

The warmer months of July and August were the most popular for weddings while the cooler months of January and February were the least popular.

Fridays and Saturdays continue to be the most popular days to tie the knot, while Sundays and Mondays remain the least popular days of the week to marry.

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