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Adams hits out at scaremongering as Irish Water confirm there is no pollution in Dundalk’s water supply

Gerry Adams

Gerry Adams

Irish Water have confirmed there is no pollution in Dundalk’s water supply.

The company confirmed to local TD Gerry Adams today that “daily testing has not identified any risk to the public water supplies to Dundalk.”

The reports will ease fears over the quality of water in our homes after a recent Sunday newspaper article claimed that the water supply was being contaminated by fuel launderers.

Commenting after receiving the letter from Irish Water today, Sinn Féin president Adams hit out at the Sunday Independent for sparking “unfounded fears” and also hit out at local politicians for heightening the fears of people in the area, saying it was “irresponsible”.

He said: “A recent Sunday Independent story sparked unfounded fears in the south Armagh and north Louth areas of serious pollution from a fuel laundering plant.

“Residents of the Dundalk area will be reassured by the confirmation from Uisce Éireann that there is no risk to their drinking water.

“The behaviour of some politicians, who deliberately heightened fears and ran scare stories of water having been poisoned, and who for purely electoral purposes sought to blame republicans and Sinn Féin, now stands exposed as irresponsible.

“Of course, none of this takes away from the fact that there are criminal elements who are exploiting the differential between agricultural and non-agricultural diesel to make money and are prepared to recklessly pollute our environment through the dumping of diesel sludge.

“Every effort must be made to ensure that they are arrested and are brought before the courts.

“I have submitted a detailed range of questions to the Minister for the Environment on this issue and have specifically asked if the government is planning to introduce legislation to end the differential in diesel thus removing the ability of the criminal gangs to make money.”

Deput Adams also praised Irish Water for carrying out the tests.

“I welcome Uisce Éireann’s diligence in deciding to carry out additional tests and to introduce other measures to protect our water system.

“However none of this can detract from the fact that baseless claims were made in the media about the water system being poisoned and the genuine fears of citizens were cynically exploited by some politicians whose only interest was in attacking Sinn Féin.”


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