Adams plays down coalition with Fianna Fáil unless Sinn Féin are the larger party

Adams plays down coalition with Fianna Fáil unless Sinn Féin are the larger party

Local TD Gerry Adams has played down suggestions that Sinn Féin would go into coalition with Fianna Fáil after the next General Election, unless Sinn Féin were the larger party.

Despite leaving the door open to a potential alliance, he questioned Fianna Fáil’s commitment to creating a fairer and more just society.

Speaking on the Neil Prendeville Show on Cork’s Red FM, Adams said: ““We will certainly not support Fianna Fáil if it is the senior party. We have put the point to Fianna Fáil and Micheál Martin that they should sign up the Right To Change campaign. It is all about making sure austerity is buried.

“To be honest, Micheál is on a bit of rant when it comes to Sinn Féin. I think it is a shame but he reduces it to personal invective,” said Mr Adams, adding that Sinn Féin would be seeking to increase its representation by running 50 candidates.

“If you want to look at, in the short term, what Sinn Féin is about it is about fairness and the protection of pubic services. We cannot and do not give promises that we believe we cannot give. We have given two firm commitments to get rid of water charges and property tax.

“And that will happen (but) I don’t believe Fianna Fail on this. The difference between us and other parties is that we are a true republican party. We want to build a true republic just like the patriots of Easter 1916 wanted.”

Mr Adams also said it was his intention to seek re-election as president of Sinn Féin at their next Ard Fheis.

“If I am lucky enough and privileged enough to be returned as party president and as a TD for Louth then I will lead the party for as long as the party feels (it needs me) and for as long as my health allows me,” he said.

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