Bollards return to Chapel Street

The bollards back on Chapel Street this morning

The bollards back on Chapel Street this morning

They’re back!!

The controversial bollards on Chapel Street, which separate the cycle lane from the road, are back in place.

The street was closed for a 10 day period recently from the junction with Jocelyn Street to the junction with New Street to facilitate road resurfacing.

The road reopened last weekend with just a single black line separating the road from the cycle lane.

However, the council have now reinstalled the bollards, which had fallen into massive disrepair in recent years after being repeatedly struck by vehicles. While the reinstated bollards are new, how long do you give it until they are damaged again?

Locals commenting on the matter on Facebook described them as “ridiculous” and added that the street was too narrow for a cycle lane of this size, with emergency services having had difficulty negotiating it before.

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