Coffey welcomes €2.2m Peace IV funding for Louth

Coffey welcomes €2.2m Peace IV funding for Louth

Local Councillor Emma Coffey has welcomed the allocation of €2.2 million to Louth County Council under the Peace IV programme.

The funding will be allocated under three headings Children and Young People, Shared Spaces and Services and finally Building Positive Relationships.

Projects submitted for funding must fall under one of the above headings.

Councillor Coffey was optimistic that this programme will further integration and decrease marginalisation both within and between communities.

She said this will be a positive advantage for cross border projects especially in circumstances where the Six Counties will no longer be part of the EU. If there is a hard Brexit a physical border may regrettably be imposed upon us however there is no reason why Cultural and Social ties should not continue as before. This funding will enable that by fostering closer co-operation between organisations involved in these areas on both sides of the border. The great advantage of the projects under this programme is that they will be devised by local communities for local communities. They will be cross community and cross border.

Councillor Coffey urged all organisations and community groups to engage in the process and to give themselves an opportunity to avail of the funding on offer.

The funding will be available via this programme and in the words of Louth County Council “it will seek indicators of tangible outcomes and change to be achieved in local communities during the lifetime of the plan.”

Any project seeking funding must show real visible benefits to the community.

This funding is a great example of the European Union principle of subsidiarity at work. In its simplest form it means that decisions should be taken at the level nearest those affected. In this programme it is a bottom up approach in that communities themselves are submitting the projects for approval to an EU funded programme.

Councillor Coffey stated that she would be available to advise any organisations or groups who wished to apply for funding under this programme.

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