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Contractors criticised for “mess” they have left roads in around Dundalk

Contractors criticised for “mess” they have left roads in around Dundalk

Contractors working in various parts of Dundalk in recent weeks have been criticised for the condition they have left the town’s streets in following their works.

A number of readers of Talk of the Town have contacted the site giving out about the “mess” our roads have been left in.

James Connolly sent in the picture below and said: “This is a sample of the disgraceful state Irish Water left the town centre after ripping up all the roads.

The way a road was left in the town centre after recent works


“I just find it unacceptable that they can rip up paving that was paid for by us and to fill in their trench with tarmac. In my book, that is destruction of property.

“It seriously damages the aesthetics of the town. Their actions will certainly affect our Tidy Towns score forever, affecting tourism and thus jobs.”

He added: “Am I the only person who thinks this?”

It would appear not, with several more voicing their displeasure.

One such individual was Tom McGrath told Talk of the Town that while the roads were already in a bad state, they are now worse than ever before after what he described as “half hearted cover ups”.

It’s not just Irish Water in the firing line with Dundalk Municipal District Committee chairman Cllr Mark Dearey also criticising Virgin Media for theway they left the road in Ard Easmuinn following recent works there.

Speaking to LMFM, he said the area had been left “scarred” by their work.

He said: “The residents are apoplectic at the visual impact that the opening of a trench down their pavements. The reinstatement works are not consistent with the pavements.

“The look of it has been described to me as a scar through the estate.”

He is not the only councillor concerned with Cllr Maeve Yore taking to social media about the matter.

She said: “We need accountability for quality of works carried out across our county by contractors.”

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