EK Fuels refused permission to retain changes to filling station

EK Fuels refused permission to retain changes to filling station

Local businessman Freddie Johnston has been refused planning permission to retain a series of changes to the EK Fuels premises on the Armagh Road.

Mr Johnston had applied to Louth County Council in February for permission to retain the demolition of two derelict dwellign houses at the Lisdoo-based filling station.

He had also sought to retain a timber fence erected along the Armagh Road, various signage on site, tarmac surfacing and entrance gates.

However, his application was objected on three counts last week. One of the reasons given was that the development was locate within an area of ‘Existing Residential’ zoning and it is considered that the changes proposed “would materially contravene this zoning objective.”

Given its zoning it was also determined that “by reasons of its associated traffic movements, noise and general disturbance” the changes would “seriously injure the amenities and depreciate the value of property in the vicinity and would be contrary to the proper planning and sustainable development for the area.”

An associated application seeking permission for a new vehicular entrance for fuel deliveries was also rejected on the basis that the applicant failed to demonstrate that a trafic hazard wouldn’t arise from such a development.

Mr Johnston and EK Fuels currently have a number of other planning applications before the council, including one seeking to increase the site boundaries and another for new underground storage tanks.

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