Elderly woman robbed as family attended St Gerard’s Novena

Fr Michael Cusack

Fr Michael Cusack

An elderly woman was wrestled to the ground after interrupting a group of men robbing her home while her family were attending St Gerard’s Novena.

The incident occurred on Wednesday evening while her husband and daughter were at St Joseph’s Redemptorist Church.

The woman, in her 70s, had been looking after her grandchildren when she heard noises as she walked down the lane to the front of her house in Blackrock at about 5.45pm.

Redemptorist priest Fr Michael Cusack described the situation.

“Suddenly she’s charged at by a man from her front door who wrestled her to the ground in an effort to steal her hand bag,” he said.

“She fought back but then sees another man coming out, and at that point let go of the bag in fear she was going to be beaten up. Her knees were cut and ankle hurt from being dragged across the pavement.”

Fr Cusack said the woman’s daughter saw the men jump the fence and flee to a car, where another man sat waiting. She immediately ran to help her mother to her feet.

“They’re totally traumatised. Her husband, who is a very quiet man, is very traumatised. They feel such a sense of being violated,” he said.

The priest said it was only after the men had gone they realised the house, where the couple had reared their now adult children, had been ransacked.

“She said to her daughter she didn’t want to live there anymore. That’s how violated she feels after living a lifetime there.

“This seems to be the normal run of the mill thing, that people can rifle through houses ad nauseam, come in and assault people.

“When it happens people’s peace of mind is gone, your home is your sacred space, it’s precious to you. When that sense of comfort and security is gone it’s hard to rediscover.”

Fr Cusack has called for more policing resources in the Border area and an “orchestrated effort” to catch the people committing crimes.

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