Local Senator calls for Nek Nomination game to end

Senator Mary Moran

Senator Mary Moran

Local Labour Party Senator Mary Moran has called for the controversial ‘Nek Nomination’ game to be stopped immediately.

The mother of five made the call via her Twitter page following the deaths of two young men in Dublin and Carlow who took part in the drinking game at the weekend. Five other deaths have also been contributed to the game in the UK.

Commenting on the matter, Senator Moran – a mother of five and former schoolteacher – said: “Tragic weekend for two families who lost sons through social media sick game #neknomination.”

She added that the game “needs to be stopped immediately” and said she had “huge admiration” for the father of Jonny Byrne, a 19-year-old who died after taking part in the game in Carlow, for appealing publicly for people to stop taking part in the game.

‘Neknominate’, which is believed to have originated in Australia, sees an individual face a challenge of downing a pint as quickly as possible.

They then challenge two friends by nominating them to neck a pint. Those nominated have to do so within 24 hours and post it on social media or face a financial penalty or the ultimate humiliation of losing face amongst friends.

The craze has taken over Facebook in this area in the last week with more and more nominations being made on a daily basis.

While many of the Nek Nomination games here have been relatively mild in nature, around the world people have been trying to outdo each other by taking greater risks – actions which resulted in the two deaths at the weekend – with fears locally that people are beginning to take greater risks here as well.

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