Louth County Council allocated €3.5m under Peace IV Action Plan

Louth County Council allocated €3.5m under Peace IV Action Plan

Louth County Council has been allocated an indicative budget of €3.5 million to deliver a variety of projects under The Louth Peace IV Action Plan.

It is anticipated that this funding will contribute towards the development of social and economic stability in Co Louth through the PEACE IV Cooperation Programme which will promote increased cohesion between communities.

The funding will be directed in a targeted way in response to the needs of local communities that have been identified in the Peace IV Action Plan which will seek indicators of tangible outcomes and change to be achieved in local communities during the lifetime of the plan.

The PEACE IV Programme will be delivered via the Louth PEACE IV Action Plan which will be initiating a public consultation process in the coming weeks. The specific themes identified for Peace IV partnerships at local level are:

  • Children & Young People

  • Shared Spaces & Services

  • Building Positive Relations

Proposed actions in the Louth Action Plan will aim to help young people to develop a greater understanding and respect for diversity, access new opportunities and become active citizens. The focus of shared spaces and services will be to create new shared spaces and services where people from different communities and backgrounds can come together to learn from and respect each other. Building positive relations is underpinned by a desire to create a society that is characterised by good relations, where cultural identity is celebrated and where people can live, learn and socialise together free from prejudice, hate and intolerance.

The PEACE IV Plan will also engage with certain priority groups by promoting active participation in reconciliation activities and cross-border initiatives and will focus particularly on women, victims and survivors, representatives from communities with low social capital, young people, older people, faith communities, those experiencing disability arising from the legacy of violence and ex-prisoners.

The PEACE IV Programme is a unique initiative of the European Union which has been designed to support peace and reconciliation in the Border Region of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

The local authority is urging interested organisations and individuals to submit a project to be considered for inclusion in the programme’s Action Plan.

Written submissions should be emailed to marie.ocallaghan@louthcoco.ie before 5pm on July 1st.

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