Louth Folk Tales reading in Dundalk Library this afternoon

Louth Folk Tales

A reading of ‘Louth Folk Tales’ by author Doreen McBride will take place in Dundalk Library in Roden Place at 3pm today.

Recently published by History Press, this is a chance to meet international storyteller Doreen and hear some of the tales from the region.

Doreen McBride will recount local tales, ancient and modern, of County Louth – you will hear of the doomed love of Lassara and her harpist who haunt the waters of Carlingford Lough, of the origin of the River Boyne and of the jumping church at Kildemock. You will also discover St Brigid’s association with Faughart, how the Hound of Ulster recovered from war wounds on The Death Mound of Du Largy, and where you might find leprechaun gold. And on the way you will encounter a killer cat, a fairy horse and the Salmon of Knowledge – as well as some talkative toes.

All are welcome to attend.

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