Louth Player Ratings vs Armagh

Louth Player Ratings vs Armagh

By Caoimhín Reilly

Louth went down to their first league defeat of the season in brutal fashion against Armagh on Sunday. 13-points separated the sides at full-time.

Here’s how Talk of the Town rated the team individually.

  1. Craig Lynch – Struggled to find moving targets with Armagh suffocating the space, particularly in the half-back line where Lynch’s usual options station themselves. Will be disappointed about failing to save Clarke’s penalty having gotten a hand to it: 6
  2. John Bingham – Had a very difficult day and was taken off shortly after half-time. Found it very difficult to stay with Rory Grugan with the Armagh captain registering four-points: 5
  3. Patrick Reilly – Normally players of any sort of physical build suit Reilly, although Ciaran McKeever proved far to wily for the Knockbride man. Left cruelly isolated at stages which didn’t aid his personal performance: 5
  4. Kevin Carr – Coped the best of the starting full-back line but Jamie Clarke, although he didn’t score on him, proved too hot for Carr to handle in general play. Moved to centre-back and was overrun by a barrage down the middle: 5.5
  5. Derek Maguire – Got a cheap booking and failed to make any impact at either end. Niall Grimley got 0-5, most of which accumulated when Maguire was forced to abandon his sweeping chores and mark-up: 5
  6. Pádraig Rath – Was stationed at centre-back for the throw-in but was swiftly reverted to the corner to pick up Clarke. Did well on Armagh’s poacher in the first-half but was left isolated and marked loosely after the break as he, like his fellow defenders, was overrun: 5.5
  7. Anthony Williams – Got sent off with his team struggling despite having a man advantage. He practically resigned Louth to the loss after only 11 minutes: not on long enough to be rated.
  8. Tommy Durnin – The only Louth man to show any sort of fight whatsoever, kicking to inspirational scores in the second-half from range. Never shied away from the physical stuff and worked to the very end. On current form, he’s our biggest asset: 7
  9. Declan Byrne – Out of position and bullied by Stephen Sheridan for the first-half. Moved to wing-forward in the second-half and was anonymous. Had his day compounded with the late penalty concession: 5
  10. James Stewart – Found the going and pace of the game tough to adapt to. Rarely got the ball in open space and was guilty of giving the ball away. Played marginally better when at midfield but all in all a day to forget: 5
  11. Páraic Smith – Anonymous in the second-half but applied himself very well in the first, kicking three fabulous points from play and orchestrating some fine passages of play into the wind: 6
  12. Bevan Duffy – Never guilty of a shortage of effort but Armagh’s blanket defence saw him resemble a rabbit trapped in headlights. One of the only Louth players to carry the ball forward with purpose and opened Armagh up on occasions in the first-half with strong darts but he was too often crowded out: 6
  13. Rúairí Moore – Unable to impact the game whatsoever. Not entirely his fault seeing as Armagh squeezed up on Lynch’s kick-outs which prevented Moore from doing his primary job, which is to collect the ‘keepers short restarts. Was the first one sacrificed, although there were plenty of other candidates: 5
  14. Eoin O’Connor – Charlie Vernon matched his physicality and with few willing runners off him his influence was also minimal: 5
  15. Ryan Burns – Got four points, all from dead balls, but Armagh had him earmarked with Gregory McCabe and then James Morgan sticking to him like glue. Completely swarmed every time he got the ball, Burns endured a difficult day: 5.5


Adrian Reid – Offered little more than Moore, who he replaced. Another guilty of running the ball into traffic: 5

Gerard McSorley – Looked lively going forward without ever threatening much. Scored a beauty of a point towards the end: 5.5

Conal McKeever – Gave the ball away at one stage to the palpable dismay of the crowd but recovered to register a point before full-time: 5

Kurt Murphy – Replaced Kevin Carr for the final three minutes:  not on long enough to be rated

Ronan Holdcroft – Immediately hit a 45 wide after coming on for Burns in injury-time: not on long enough to be rated


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