Man who witnessed his mother murdered in Dundalk says he holds no hatred for anyone

Man who witnessed his mother murdered in Dundalk says he holds no hatred for anyone

A man who witnessed his mum being murdered at their family home in Dundalk 30 years ago has opened up about the killing and said he has “absolutely no hatred” for anyone.

Dominic Óg McGlinchey was just nine when he saw his mother Mary being shot by gunmen at their home in Slieve Foy Park in Muirhevnamor on January 31st 1987.

However, speaking to Niall Delaney on Ocean FM recently, he said he had no hatred despite his father Dominic Sr also being shot dead in a separate incident in 1994.

“I just actually got out of the bath and my brother was in the bath and it was then that we’d heard the bang at the back of the house,” he said of that infamous night in 1987.

“We had actually thought that Declan had fallen in the bath and it was at that stage where my mother had asked me: ‘What was that?’ and I said I think that Declan had fell in the bath and then two men come running up the stairs and shot my mother.”

He said that witnessing the murder was something that he has carried around his entire life and he believes it had a profound effect on his older brother’s health. Declan McGlinchey would later pass away suddenly following a heart attack in November 2015.

“You carry it around with you all your life. I think ultimately it resulted in the death of my brother where he took a massive heart attack,” he said.

Dominic Óg also spoke about the death of his father Dominic, who was shot dead in Drogheda in 1994. He described him as a man who “took the war to the British Army.”

He said: “They took it on. They faced them on. They gave no quarter and expected no quarter. So, but outside of being a soldier, which they were, they were also humans, human beings – they were brothers and uncles and they also had a life to live,” he said.

Dominic Sr was chief of staff in the INLA, who admitted involvement in 30 killings during the Troubles, including the 1982 Droppin Well bombing in Ballykelly. He was shot dead by gun men while making a call at a phone box in Drogheda.

Dominic Óg witnessed the murder at the age of 16 and spoke of his reaction to his father’s death.

“As soon as the paramedic said to me: ‘I’m sorry, son, you father’s gone’ I started taking pieces of paper out his pockets – very, very aware that there seemed to be a complete absence of Gardaí on the night. They spotted us earlier on that night. We waved at them,” he said.

“Then, all of a sudden, they seemed to be gone – a window of opportunity for whatever amount of time it was it took the people to come in and kill him and leave again.”

He concluded the interview by saying that he has been happier lately than he has in the pasty thirty years.

“Ultimately it’s because I don’t carry any bitterness or hatred against anybody. There’s not one person on this island that I have any hatred for,” he said.

“I spent long enough walking around with a chip on my shoulder and hatred burning inside me and I can honestly say that sometimes I don’t even recognise the person that I am today.”

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