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New exercise and nutrition business SWAT50 Plus opening in Dundalk on Monday

New exercise and nutrition business SWAT50 Plus opening in Dundalk on Monday

A new exercise and nutrition business will open its doors in Dundalk next week.

SWAT50 Plus will be based on the first floor of the Demesne Shopping Centre and is the brainchild of 62-year-old local woman Grainne Fox – a qualified personal trainer and naturopathic nutritionist.

Grainne Fox of SWAT50 Plus

The aim of the studio is to help both men and women lose weight, tone up, become more health conscious and to live a longer and healthier life.

The new business will open its doors on Monday before the grand opening on Saturday July 15th.

Suitable for all ages, Grainne is particularly interested in working with those 50-plus.

She said: “There is an alarming amount of us who reach the age of 50 and younger, who are not exercising enough, even though we know that we should.  Believing as we age we deteriorate, slow down, gain unsightly weight, loose mobility, that could not be further from the truth.

“SWAT50plus  is not a noisy or frantic place so people can participate in group classes and not feel daunted. Classes are small, you will each be greeted by name and you will feel relaxed and confident in a warm and friendly environment.

“If you feel that group classes are not for you, you have the option of personal training on a one on one basis.

“SWAT50plus also offers, if exercise is too much at the beginning, Nutritional advice by our qualified staff, to get you started towards that road of heath, with the view to introducing exercise at a later date,” said Grainne.

Exercise classes are free for the first week with classes time at 10.15am and 5.30pm Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Places are limited to 10 per class so it is advisable to book in advance to be assured of a place.

Grainne added: “If the conventional gym is not for you, try SWAT50 plus, meet new friends, renew old acquaintances, make it a social outing, 45 minutes three times a week is not a lot to ask. Think of yourself and how you can help you to remain as agile, flexible and mobile for as long as possible. The saying that comes to mind is to grow old gracefully, not to fade away off in to the distance. Take back control of your life and nutritional habits, it can be done with minimum effort and a lot of help and encouragement from SWAT50plus.”

For further details call SWAT50plus on 087-1622802 or visit to set up your appointment. Drop-ins are welcome and you can also email Grainne at

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