New health food shop to open in Dundalk on Monday

New health food shop to open in Dundalk on Monday

A new health food shop will open its doors in Clanbrassil Street on Monday.

Height of Health will be located at 86 Clanbrassil Street, beside Boylesports, and will stock over 3,000 of the best quality products ranging from nutritional supplements, organic wholefoods, skincare and much more.

Height of Health stocks a wide range of products

The store will be run by Grainne Cunningham, who explained the background to Height of Health.

“The idea for our shop came about after years of working within the holistic health food industry.

“Realising that with our knowledge base as trained nutritionists and our love of good quality products, we had so much more to offer than any of the run of the mill standard business chains of health food stores could we decided to create our own health store and the Height of Health became a well-loved local family run health shop in Ennis Co Clare.

“Since opening seven years ago, we have opened five stores and we know we owe this success only to our customers who trust our trained nutritionists that are there to listen and really care about your health.

“Since first opening our doors in August 2010, we believe we’ve created a store that people can trust and love. From the beginning, we knew what we wanted to create – we wanted to branch out and offer a place for the people of Ireland and of course Dundalk that would feed the soul as well as the body.”

Grainne Cunningham

Grainne, who will be assisted in the shop by her fiancé Gareth Hosey, explained why she felt Height of Health would offer something different to Dundalk.

“What’s unique about us is that as a family run business rather than a big chain of health stores we really care about people and their health. We have the backing of highly trained nutritionalists and people who have worked in the holistic health industry for years, so any queries that customers have about their health we will be happy to help them.

“I think that what is lacking in the town is a large health store that you can go to get an informed answer about your health by people who really care. I find in Dundalk there is no natural health store I could go to ask any questions about mine or my family’s health and get an informed and helpful response. We want to give that to the people of Dundalk.

“Also the products we sell are only of the highest standard. We pride ourselves in striving to look after your health so we ensure that all our supplements and herbs are of the highest quality meaning your body can absorb them properly and really reap the benefits. Even the candles we sell are natural so there is no bad toxic fumes. The skin care is all natural. Everything we sell is good for you.  Some brands exclusive to us in Dundalk are Solo and Nature’s Plus.”

To mark the opening there will be a number of goodie bags and discounts given away, as well as 10% off throughout the store.

Height of Health will be opened from 9am to 6pm Monday to Saturday with further details available by calling 087 1445167 or emailing

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