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Where the original Dundalk folk are buried

There’s an old saying that you can only be described as being “from the town” if you have a relative buried in Castletown Cemetery. Whether that’s true or not, here’s


Julie wishes JLS all the best

LOCAL singer Julie Cunnane will have been among those most upset to hear the news that British boyband JLS are to break up. As an ex-member of girl group Desire,

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An oldie but a goodie

Here’s a picture that has been on the go for sometime but still always gains a chuckle. Not quite what McDonald’s had in mind when they came up with the


Aoife and Mark’s big day

We got a nice promotion earlier from Dundalk Local Weddings on Facebook and spotted this superb video put together by Sure Shot Productions of Aoife Watters and Mark Adams on

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The wasteland costing us thousands to maintain

An area of wasteland behind St Nicholas’ Avenue in Dundalk was set alight 49 times a five year period between 2004 and 2009 – costing the taxpayer €22,000. Forty-Nine! That’s

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Roman around Glen Gat

Check out this picture by Maria Halmstad that was posted over on InstaDundalk of Glen Gat Guesthouse at night time. Source: Maria Halmstad (Instagram)

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Donohoe suspect flees to the US

One of the chief suspects in the murder of Garda Adrian Donohoe has fled to America, according to reports in today’s national newspapers. Both The Irish Sun and the Irish

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How we got to where we are

It was recently revealed that Dundalk Town Council are owed outstanding development levies of €5 million. That has put a number of projects earmarked for the town in doubt but

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Welcome to Dudalk

This bit of graffiti promoting ‘Dudalk FC’ was spotted by Nicole McGuill. Are they the club who play in Orel Pak? Source: Nicole McGuill (Twitter)

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Cathedral of cocktails

Check out this superb photograph by Gracey O’Reilly, which we spotted over on InstaDundalk, of St Patrick’s Cathedral. The shot was taken from the upstairs window of Eno in Roden

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Xtreme results!

In recent years more and more people have been making it their business to try and get in shape and lose weight. That has resulted in numerous people from the

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There may be trouble ahead

Taoiseach Enda Kenny will travel to Dundalk on Thursday but he may not feel very welcome with at least two protests planned to coincide with his visit. The Dundalk Campaign


Never a photographer around when you need one

Local snapper Paddy Clarke will be taking the weekend off this weekend as he travels to Mayo for his son Kenneth’s wedding. Paddy and his daughter Emma, who have their

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Adams under pressure over brother’s sex abuse case

There are those who will never agree with Gerry Adams and those who feel he has spent a lifetime keeping secrets. Now the Sinn Féin president is receiving yet more

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Quay to revitalisation

Check out this superb picture by Darran Rafferty of an old, abandoned house on the Quay that has been revitalised into a work of art. Source: Darran Rafferty (Instagram)