One of babies who died at Belfast children’s home in 1942 was from Dundalk

One of babies who died at Belfast children’s home in 1942 was from Dundalk

At least one of the 63 babies who died at two Sister of Nazareth children’s homes in Northern Ireland in the 1940s was from Dundalk.

Belfast-based data journalism project The Detail has been looking into the cause of deaths of 63 children from Nazareth House and Nazareth Lodge who were aged between two weeks and almost two years when they died in 1942. The group examined a sample year of burial records for Milltown Cemetery’s Public Ground site and established a cause of death for 56 of the 63 children, with at least 43 of them dying from severe malnutrition.

The causes of death for the other children included cardiac failure due to a range of issues (convulsions, influenza, congenital issues and broncho pneumonia), prematurity and convulsions.

The diocese gave permission for the publication of information from the records on condition that only the first names of the children would be published. It said it had to comply with data protection legislation and avoid identifying living relatives.

The two homes were situated 200 yards apart. Nazareth House was for girls while Nazareth Lodge was for boys.

The children’s former addresses include different areas of Northern Ireland, but also some south of the Border, in locations such as Dundalk, Donegal, Dublin, Letterkenny and Tipperary.

The Detail have called for a full public inquiry into Northern Ireland’s former mother and baby homes.

The full article can be read here with details of the children below…

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