Piloxing event to take place in Dundalk’s Market Square next month

C3UPZchG3gsCBUHWICFSNKhJ_vbwox34CN5mwAHYfi-DmwdG60hiCyCr9WPKcKMTY6kgk1UZ6CNVOK1VnUsRDwQ0f_9jyI-wwSxWlAr8qZifpLN39b4O8eP9TsFJPBvW3IwQC6qSPDtnu7R_DwPbGHYRqWeCArrLNxuT3oiKuL_2wcRbqEZyMW2-OQVs1kFf5qWQwNDAAumpPt8FmdrX=s0-d-e1-ftMaster trainer Heather Gordon of Fit Fuel for Life will host a Piloxing event in the Market Square in Dundalk next month.

This is part of a wider global event taking place on September 9th called Piloxing of Hope.

The Piloxing of Hope is an event set to raise funds for a foundation called, Barncancer Fonden, that does cancer research specifically for children.

Heather said: “Contrary to adult cancer, currently we still don’t know why children are getting cancer and why now it seems the rate in children is increasing. Without more research and funding we can never find a cure.

“The event in Dundalk is set to involve some local dance schools and involve specifically my own student, Sylvia Kerr, who has a daughter that has suffered from Leukemia since early childhood. In honour of Sylvia and many families who are waiting for the cure, we are set to run a live Piloxing class in the Square to raise funds and awareness.

“As a local business myself, Fit Fuel for Life, on a daily basis I help to keep people fit and active, and I hope to help people through this fitness class see that when we come together we can make a difference.”

Described as the new Zumba, Piloxing is a high-intensity mix of standing Pilates, boxing, and dance, which burns between 900 and 1,000 calories in every session.

The event is €10 to take part in and tickets can be bought online directly through www.piloxingofhope.com or they can be bought by contacting 0879835279.

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