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Plans to rejuvenate business park on the outskirts of Dundalk are withdrawn

Plans to rejuvenate business park on the outskirts of Dundalk are withdrawn

The prospect of plans for a new business park on the outskirts of Dundalk being revived have suffered a setback after a planning application for the development was withdrawn yesterday.

A decision by Louth County Council on whether or not to allow Atlantic Developments & Investments Ltd to revive the plans for 1.4 million square foot of floor space on the Armagh Road was due later this month.

However, the application was withdrawn yesterday leaving the status of the project up in the air once more.

The new business park, first proposed in 2004, was to create 1,200 jobs for the area.

In September 2004, the since liquidised McWilliams Developments Ltd were granted planning permission for the project on a 37 hectare site at Sportsman’s Hall on the Armagh Road which was to create 1.4 million square foot of floor space.

What was to be known as the East Coast Business Park was to include 16 wholesale warehouse units, one high enterprise centre and creche, two office units, 24 incubator office units, 18 lockup units, 37 incubator warehouses, three major warehouses, 14 high bay distribution industrial units and 11 medium density industrial units – all measuring either 9m or 14m in height respectively.

The plans – which were to include the construction of a new roundabout on the Armagh Road as well as a new wastewater pumping station, electricity sub-station, petrol filling station and shop – never came to fruition.

Hopes were raised in July that the project could be rejuvenated when Coes Road-based Atlantic Developments & Investments Ltd, run by Coilin McManus, submitted a new planning application to Louth County Council seeking to revive the project.

They sought a revised entrance and internal road layout from the original plans, as well as the part replacement of previously granted buildings with serviced sites and associated landscaping, signage and site development works.

Those plans are now dead in the water after the withdrawal of the application yesterday, although a new application is expected before too long.

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