Sinn Féin to propose 15% cut in Local Property Tax at this morning’s council meeting

Some of the Sinn Féin councillors who will be voting to cut the property tax rate this morning

Some of the Sinn Féin councillors who will be voting to cut the property tax rate this morning

Sinn Féin will put forward a motion at this morning’s meeting of Louth County Council to reduce the Local Property Tax rate by 15%.

The party, who have 10 representatives on the council, put forward a similar motion last year. While they received support from three Fianna Fáil councillors at that time, council officials warned that they would have to make up a €1.4m shortfall if the cut was applied.

This led to the vote being defeated, with subsequent proposals from Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael representatives for cuts of 7.5% and 2% also rejected.

Instead a vote was later passed in September 2014 to reduce the property tax rate by 1.5%, with chairman Cllr Oliver Tully using his casting vote to pass the proposal after the vote had been tied at 13 for and 13 against.

At the time Fine Gael’s Cllr John McGahon accused Sinn Féin of making a “reckless political move” by trying to cut the property tax rate by the maximum 15% allowed, adding that it would have pushed the council “off a financial cliff.”

Commenting yesterday, Sinn Féin’s Cllr Imelda Munster said: “The Sinn Féin team will be proposing a 15% cut in the Local Property Tax.

“As you are probably aware last year the government handed over the Local Property Tax collected to Irish Water despite saying it was for improving local services. Local services have been cut to the bone!

“We already pay Road Tax, Bin Charges, Toll Charges, A&E Charges, Emergency Call Out Charges, Universal Social Charges, PAYE, PRSI, Local Property Tax, and they are trying to force us to pay Water Charges. It’s high time people got some relief. Where is this so called recovery for the ordinary person??

“I hope the other councillors support us,” she said.


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