The first days of The Road House Hotel remembered by RTÉ Archives

The first days of The Road House Hotel remembered by RTÉ Archives

For those old enough to remember the Carrickdale Hotel when it was known as The Road House, a recently released clip from the RTÉ archives will surely bring a smile to your ace.

Miss Durcan

Miss Durcan, owner of The Road House Hotel

Recorded just over 51 years ago on January 18th 1966 as part of the ‘Changing Face of Ireland’ series, presenter Norris Davidson chats to Ms Durcan, manageress of the Road House Hotel.

In the clip Miss Durcan tells Norris about the new hotel and how it had helped to promote local tourism in areas such as Carlingford, Omeath and Faughart.

She also described the different types of guests that stay at the hotel – from American tourists during the summer months to the year-round commercial and recreational travellers from both sides of the border.

You can watch the clip for yourself here.

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  1. Ex Winewaiter
    Ex Winewaiter 21 January, 2017, 16:42

    Miss Durkan was not the owner of the hotel, but the manageress. There was also a manager, whise name escapes me, and also an assistant manageress (Miss O’Hare from Carlingford). The hotel was owned by Danny and Noel Rice, Jonesboro, Dr. Flood from Newry, and Donal O.Hagan,Dundalk and one other, an accountant from Seatown Place, Dundalk, whose name escapes me.

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