Town Clerk provides update on Clanbrassil Street closure

Frank Pentony

Frank Pentony

Town Clerk Frank Pentony has provided an update on the closure of Clanbrassil Street and where things stand on it eventually reopening and the buildings gutted by fire being demolished.

The street has been closed since a blaze gutted The Cycle Shop and The Greenmount Restaurant just before Christmas.

Mr Pentony released the following Q&A yesterday, stating that the council hoped to reopen the street as quickly as possible. He added though that, for the time being, he did not feel it was safe to do so.

Who made decision to close the whole street?
Part of Clanbrassil Street was temporarily closed due to public safety concerns about the danger of the possible collapse of the former Cycle & Trophy Centre building. This decision to temporary close the road was taken by me, as Town Clerk, on public safety grounds, following advice from both our own engineering staff and our Structural Engineer.

When will demolition begin?
A demolition contractor was on site on Monday 23rd December 2013, to inspect the damage and advise on the procedure. The owner of the building is responsible for the demolition work and I understand from his agent that this work is in hand at present. A dangerous building notice has been served on the owner requiring him to commence the work within seven days. The demolition contractor is scheduled to be on site on Thursday 2nd January to advise on works to be carried out.

When can we expect the street to be fully reopened? When are businesses due to be informed of when the street will reopen?
I am unable at this stage to indicate exactly when the street will re-open to vehicular traffic, but the position will become clearer when the initial demolition is completed. We did look at the possibility of opening one lane yesterday but our advice was that it is not yet safe to do so. I should point out that it remains the Council’s intention to re-open the road as soon as it is safe to do so.

Has the Council a plan to ease the financial burden business on the street has incurred due to this closure?
As you are aware the closure of the road on public safety grounds was as a result of a fire. The Council has no specific plans to ease the financial burden which businesses incurred due the closure. However, Council staff are available to discuss the payment options with any individual ratepayer, if required.

Are road closed signs in the middle of the street completely necessary without a BUSINESS AS USUAL sign as well?
The Council’s initial concern was to divert traffic away from the danger area and this continues to be the case until the danger is eliminated. However, the Council has no objection to businesses in the area affected affixing ‘BUSINESS AS USUAL’ signs to the protective fencing, subject to them complying with Planning Regulations (i.e. less than 1.2 metres square). Additional signage has been provided, by the Council today, indicating that the street is open to pedestrians.

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