Winter League resolve differences with Dundalk FC


The Dundalk Winter League have resolved their recent dispute with Dundalk Football Club following talks over the weekend.

Earlier this month the Winter League announced that its long running association with Dundalk FC had come to an end after a game was called off at the last minute.

The Winter League have used Oriel Park as a base for many of their matches for a long number of years now but had felt squeezed out in recent times due to an increase in demand for the pitch from the club’s first team and other squads.

Supporters of both the Winter League and Dundalk will be pleased to see the matter resolved, with the league pumping an estimated €15,000 a year into the club’s coffers in rental payments.

In a statement on their Facebook page, Winter League organiser Brian Keough said he was pleased with the outcome and praised Dundalk chairman Ciaran Bond for meeting them halfway in bringing the problem to a head.

He said: “The committee met with Dundalk FC to try and sort out the problem that had arisen.

“The meeting began with a barrage of insinuations and cross talk but was brought to order as it was getting nobody nowhere.

“Ciaran Bond outlined the club’s position as regards spaces and this was understood. Their availability will be related to the Winter League through e-mail, with a proviso that they may be changed, but ample notice will be given.

“We agreed that Saturdays were available for the Meenan and TJ Moore Cup finals free of charge and the Premier League final game should it come to a cruncher.

“Going forward to next season it is envisaged that more spaces would be available up until Christmas as usual but the same problem may arise post Christmas. This can be planned as we shall know what to expect.

“Ciaran stressed that all stops will be pulled to facilitate the league for which he holds an affection, both for being local and having been a player and manager in the past.

“The meeting ended in great satisfaction with handshakes all round. The league would like to thank Dundalk FC for facilitating the meeting and clearing the air. Thank you.”

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